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tips on accessing medical journals online

Search engines:

Collating journal articles

  • manage downloaded articles:
    • various programs are available that allow you to manage downloaded journal articles in a similar way to you manage mp3 music files
    • software for Apple Mac: Papers
  • manage links to online journals:
    • use this wiki:
      • become an author of this wiki and create links here from the relevant topic so everyone becomes more efficient at finding what they need in a timely manner. In addition, the work of maintaining the links and information does not fall to one person - you or me.
    • web-based bookmarking sites:
    • personal computer based bookmarking options:
      • there is a real risk that without backing these up, you may lose all your links if your system crashes or is stolen
      • internet web browser bookmarks - whilst great for links to websites, this becomes too cumbersome for individual article links
  • be updated by RSS feeds:
    • just click on subscribe to RSS feed on the journal website if available and you will be directed to a RSS reader such as iGoogle which you can make as your home page so that you are informed of updates.
    • you can subscribe to an RSS feed of new articles on this wiki by clicking on RSS button at the bottom of the page, or by clicking here.
    • for instance the blog section of has a free RSS subscription feed, just click on this to subscribe

Unfortunately, most journals need to have paid subscriptions.

  • if you are at work and your library has subscribed to the journal service, you may have direct access by virtue of your computer's IP address at work
  • alternatively, your library may have a bank of user names and passwords which you can use but some of these may only work while you are at work.
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