Joan Kirner Womens and Childrens Hospital (JKWCH) at Sunshine Hospital


  • the Joan Kirner Womens and Childrens Hospital is a separate building on the Sunshine Hospital site of Western Health and opened in May 2019
  • it provides inpatient, outpatient, theatre and NICU services for all obstetrics, gynaecology and paediatrics within Western Health
  • there is no emergency department in the building
  • it contains:
    • 64 Women's inpatient beds
    • 32 Childrens inpatient beds
    • 39 Newborn cots
    • 20 Birthing rooms
    • 4 Operating theatres and 1 procedure room
    • Womens and Childrens Outpatients
    • phone numbers will be of the format 9055 xxxx where 5xxxx is the internal extension.
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