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neurology / acute stroke services at Western Health


  • as of Feb 2015, the neurology department is based at Sunshine Hospital and all admissions to the neurology or stroke unit are at Sunshine Hospital site only.
  • contact the neurology registrar via switchboard
  • for acute stroke patients at Sunshine:
    • see stroke process for details
    • contact on-call stroke registrar 24/7 on 0407 569 568
    • ALSO M-F 8am-5pm, page the Acute Stroke Emergency Group page on pager 1007 and state “Acute stroke SH ED, ETA 15min” or similar, this will also alert the CT radiographers.
  • Footscray Hospital does NOT admit neurology or stroke unit patients!
  • all acute stroke patients should be referred to Sunshine Hospital and not Footscray Hospital as of Feb 2015
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