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Western Health Pathology Services - Dorevitch


  • Western Health's pathology services are managed by Dorevitch

pathology specimen chute system

  • the chute system is managed and maintained by Western Health
  • there are numerous destinations on the chute panel with Pathology in the title, including the lab and the collection rooms on the ground floor. This has resulted in canisters with specimens being sent to incorrect destinations.
  • clinical staff may not always check the destination the chute is set to prior to sending specimens to pathology
  • ED uses the chute for purposes other than transport of pathology specimens such as sending documents or medications to wards
  • the pathology specimen reception staff don’t hold on to canisters – they are returned to the owners once the specimens are removed.
  • according to Engineering, problems within the system are rare, although canisters do get stuck in chutes occasionally. This is however easily identified (the system loses suction in the area affected) and remedied by Engineering.
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