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respiratory medicine at Western Health

services as at Feb 2015

  • low risk patients and those requiring NIV can generally be admitted to either campus - Sunshine or Footscray
    • Intermediate Respiratory Care Unit (IRCU) Sunshine ward (in 3F) will have 2 NIV machines, while Footscray will have 3 machines
  • thoracic surgery and vascular surgery will only be at Footscray hence some of the restrictions outlined below
  • each campus will have their own resp. reg and HMO during normal hours M-F
  • after-hours M-Th via a on-call consultant who covers both campuses
  • after-hours F-Mon 8am via a on-call resp. reg (and backup consultant) who covers both campuses
  • ward rounds on weekends

Sunshine patients who should be considered for HDU rather than IRCU

  • in the initial months, some patients at Sunshine should be considered for HDU instead of resp. ward at Sunshine such as:
    • asthmatics requiring adrenaline infusion
    • PE post-thrombolysis

patients who should be transferred to Footscray

  • massive haemoptysis
  • pneumothorax with air leak requiring underwater seal drainage
  • venous thromboembolism patients needing IVC filter or intravascular thrombolysis

patients requiring urgent symptomatic drainage of unilateral pleural effusion

  • as the Sunshine ward does not have access to an ultrasound machine, patients in Sunshine should have this done in ED
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