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CT thorax / chest

Interpretation of the CT thorax scan

basic concepts

  • aortic dissection
    • if you don't see a dissection flap, look hard for intramural haematoma or penetrating ulcer
  • trauma
    • diaphragm rupture (usually on the left) is easily missed, look carefully on coronal and sagittal images
    • blunt aortic injury
      • arterial phase CT chest
      • minimal aortic injury
        • <10mm intimal flap
        • conservative Rx with BP control and monitor for evolution
      • severe aortic injury
        • all other injuries
        • BP control, Rx other life threatening injuries first then repair
        • endovascular repair if aorta < 15mm and tear of the mid arch as less mortality and morbidity compared with open repair, but need to sacrifice left brachiocephalic artery so ensure adequate collaterals
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