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  • happiness appears to reach its lowest in the mid-forties and then steadily rises as one has more free time and less fiscal burdens of raising a family, while at the same time learning to accept what they have.1)
  • while life satisfaction, rises with personal and national income, positive feelings, like having fun and enjoyment, are much more strongly associated with other factors, such as feeling respected, being independent, having friends and working at a fulfilling job. 2)
  • half a million people aged over 60yrs in UK are lonely and spend most of their time alone 3)
      • those with strong social connections have a 50% increased likelihood of survival after an average follow up time of 7½ years
      • loneliness is often a self-perpetuating vicious spiral as feeling of disconnection from the world, worthlessness, resentment, vulnerability, social fears, anger and depression leads to poor behaviours of alcohol or drug abuse, sedentary lifestyle, obesity which self-perpetuates aided by development of maladaptive social cognition whereby social encounters come to be viewed with mistrust and increasing cynicism.
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