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This information is provided by the authors of OzEMedicine in good faith and they attempt to ensure it is up to date and accurate.

The clinical information in this wiki is generally as is currently practised HOWEVER, this does NOT imply that current practices are necessarily best practice for the population group nor for a particular patient - this is why we have smart emergency physicians who can make their own judgement in the best interests of the patient in front of them.

The truth of best practices is often difficult to see as the dark clouds of delusionary human clinical behaviour combined with dubious claims from research studies and the ever present lack of sufficient clinical data for a given patient compounded with time and resource demands of a busy ED can make clinical decision making in emergency medicine more an art than a science.


Use of this wiki information is at your own risk and assumes you have a firm understanding of emergency medicine.

These general suggested guidelines and information provided may not be applicable to a given patient.

By use of this website information, you agree that the authors, web master, host and providers will not be legally liable for your decision making process or for any other issues which may arise.

This wikipedia does NOT represent the views of, nor is it necessarily endorsed by government bodies, health services nor the ACEM, but is content created in good faith by Australian emergency physicians.

If you wish to become an author, please contact the web master (Gary.Ayton at

This site nor the authors are sponsored by any commercial interests relevant to the content other than the authors being employees of Australian hospitals.

Nevertheless, the content may reflect clinical guidelines published elsewhere and personal opinion may flavour the presentation of this content and the content has NOT undergone formal peer review processes, although readers are welcome to feedback to the web master any concerns they have with any of the content.

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