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benign early repolarisation


  • BER is thought to be a normal variant
  • occurs in 1% of population and at all ages and races but in some 13% of patients presenting to ED with chest pain!
  • mainly in those under 50 yrs of age and rarely in those aged > 70yrs
  • it's significance is that it is often a confounding ECG finding which can result in mistaken ECG diagnosis of AMI and also mistaken for pericarditis

ECG criteria

  • ST elevation - usually <5mm (98% of cases)
  • upward concavity of the initial portion of the ST segment - usually resulting from an elevated J point
  • notching or slurring of the terminal QRS complex - the J point
  • almost symmetrical, concordant T waves of large amplitude, although descending part steeper than ascending part
  • widespread or diffuse distribution of ST elevation usually greatest in V2-5, but not in aVR, and very rarely only in limb leads.
  • relative temporal stability but may change with autonomic tone
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