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observation medicine and short stay units (SSU)


  • In 2001, a number of new observation medicine models were established across Victoria through the Hospital Demand Management Strategy (HDMS).
  • emergency department observation medicine units are called various titles including:
    • short stay unit (SSU)
    • short stay observation unit (SOU)
    • emergency observation unit (EOU)
  • “Short Stay Observation units are designed for patients who, with proper assessment and treatment, are likely to be discharged within 24 hours. This includes patients who require tests to determine the seriousness of their condition (e.g., minor head injury, chest pain, and drug overdose) or a short course of treatment for conditions that may be rapidly resolved (for example, asthma, allergic reactions and renal colic). ED physicians manage these patients and their expected length of stay is 4-24 hours.”1)
  • “The intensive assessment and treatment available in the SOU has been shown to reduce length of stay. SOUs are attached to emergency departments and provide care in a quiet and comfortable setting. In the past, such patients may have been unnecessarily admitted to a ward or may have remained in the emergency department for long periods.”2)
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