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     ***[[CCF]] / mitral stenosis**     ***[[CCF]] / mitral stenosis**
     *arteriotracheobronchial fistula     *arteriotracheobronchial fistula
 +    *ruptured aneurysms - AAA, bronchial artery aneurysm, pulmonary artery aneurysm
     *pulmonary angiodysplasia     *pulmonary angiodysplasia
     *pulmonary hypertension     *pulmonary hypertension
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     ***Wegener's granulomatosis**     ***Wegener's granulomatosis**
     ***Behcet disease**     ***Behcet disease**
-    *isocyanate poisoning in spray painters - immunologic haemorrhagic pneumonia (([[]]))+    *occupational exposures: 
 +      *isocyanate poisoning in automotive spray painters - immunologic haemorrhagic pneumonia (([[]])) 
 +      *trimellitic anhydride–associated hemoptysis-anemia syndrome occurs after high-dose exposure to fumes
 =====Mx of massive haemoptysis===== =====Mx of massive haemoptysis=====
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