Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS) for Australia

Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS):

    • brief description:
      • developed in the Omnis development software initially by HAS Solutions which was bought by iSoft which in turn was bought by IBA and then CSC.
      • various backend databases are supported including Sybase, MS SQL Server and Oracle.
    • main Australian installations:
    • User groups:
    • Gary Ayton's HASTools plugin:
      • a separate front end developed using Delphi software
      • currently works on v.9.4x of the HASS EDIS using Sybase or MS SQL Server database backends
      • offers multicampus support even when each campus EDIS data is on different database servers
      • has a multitude of additional functionality for improved efficiency for clinicians and more versatile reporting.
      • contact Gary.Ayton at (replace at with @) for further information.
  • iSoft Lorenzo software:
    • after a long and difficult development cycle, it is used in Netherlands and is finally being installed in UK in 2013
    • based on MS .NET technology
    • older ED patient administration system software still used by some smaller EDs, particularly the private EDs
  • Cerner FirstNet ED module:
  • EMIS Health's (formerly Ascribe) Symphony software:
    • UK-based system launched at Geelong Hospital (Barwon Health) March 2008 - the 1st Australian installation
    • supports electronic order entry for radiology, and electronic record for ED notes but must be printed for inpatient access
    • no visual department map
    • supports hand held wireless version “Symphony Handheld”
  • MEDTrak
  • ALERT ER EDIS and ALERT TRIAGE software:
    • Portugese-based system designed around touch screen technology and used mainly in Portugal and Brazil but also in USA.
    • relies on photo ID and/or fingerprint ID for staff identification rather that RF ID proximity readers.
    • patients arriving to triage can be given a paper ticket and during registratinon, have photo ID taken to start the triage process and this photo ID can be used to visually determine when they are being called from the waiting room - an advantage for those who are hearing impaired.

Support systems for ED's in Australian hospitals

Australian National data systems and standards

Victorian data systems:

Software for doctors

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