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HASTools EDIS Order Entry Help


  • order entry for generating pathology and radiology investigation request forms is easy and efficient.
  • let's assume you are logged in and have the patient list screen open and your patient has possible ischaemic chest pain.
    • right click on your patient and click on Order Path/XRay
    • click on ischaemic chest pain button
    • click right arrow button to add all items to patient record
    • click print button
  • yes, that's right - ONLY 5 mouse clicks and you have not only printed request forms for FBE, U&E, CK, troponin, glucose and a CXR, but the forms include a wealth of information to make the nurses job easier by indicating which tubes are needed, the radiologist and lab staff jobs easier, not to mention, reducing clinical risk by avoiding patient label mistakes, provide much needed clinical information to radiologists as well as contacts for on duty ED consultants derived from linkage to roster databases, and bar coding of pathology tests to enable rapid entry into path systems while minimising transcription errors.
  • the local doctor's full address, phone and fax details are printed along with a check box for the lab to mark that results have been forwarded to the local doctor which further ensures adequate communication and improves work flows.
  • this is a win-win scenario.
  • many computer systems can generate request forms but HASTools has just made it a LOT more efficient and intelligent while reducing risk.
  • in addition, if the system is set to photograph patients at clerking via a webcam (a simple 20sec procedure at most), the patient's photo can be printed on the radiology request form and displayed on the Order Entry screen to further reduce user error in incorrect ordering.
  • furthermore, this can all be performed easily on a touch screen - pity the Apple iPad doesn't run Windows!

now to do this in detail

  • select a patient from the patient list screen, right click and select Order Path/Xray
  • a new form will display which will enable you to rapidly add items to the HAS EDIS investigations and procedure tables for that patient.

how to add investigation items to EDIS table for that patient

using order set buttons

  • select a button such as ischaemic sounding chest pain
  • the short list of commonly used checkboxes will be cleared then selectively checked automatically for the given order set
  • in this case, it will check FBE, U&E, glucose, CK, troponin, CXR, ECG and IV bung
  • you can add more or remove tests by checking or unchecking the checkboxes
  • when you are happy, just click the right arrowed button to automatically add all these to the patient's record
  • if there are additional investigations not listed in the above, you can access the full range of investigations in the look-up tables by clicking the ADD PATH or ADD RAD button.
  • likewise you can use the DELETE button to delete an investigation from the patient's record

providing clinical notes

  • there is a text box at bottom left which contains the patient's handover notes
  • these notes will print on each of the request forms, so they should be edited to reflect what you wish to communicate.
  • note you can select all the existing note, CUT it (using Ctrl-X), type a temporary note, print the forms, then replace your temporary notes by selecting them and pressing PASTE (using Ctrl-V).
  • if you forget to do this and there are no notes entered when you press the print button, you will be presented with a text input box filled with the triage description - you can use this or hit backspace to delete it and type a useful clinical note which will also become the ED handover note.

printing the request forms

  • super easy - just press print button - if you have not logged in, you will be given a log in box to do so first, as your details will be printed on each of the forms as the ordering nurse or doctor.

what happens next?

  • once the forms are printed, the program then marks each investigation in the patient's record with a time stamp so it will not be re-printed later if more tests are needing to be added on at a later stage - these records will change from green (not yet printed) to silver (printed and thus will not be re-printed later).
  • you can then just close the form on the screen, collect your printed forms, sign them, write any extra details as needed such as circle pregnancy status, etc, and you are done.
  • Note that cross-match forms cannot be generated as these require the hospital's forms.
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