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Gary's HAS Tools screen shots

see Gary's HASTools EDIS extension software for details.

Click on the screen shots to see a larger view.

Main patient listing with patient names hidden:


Clinical screen to emulate HAS EDIS but with speed buttons and extra functionality: www.ozemedicine.com_blog_wp-content_uploads_2009_11_hastools_screen_clinical-627x480.jpg

Clinical hand over screen to reduce clinical risk:


Injury surveillance data entry screen with speed buttons for one touch completion:


Transfer to another hospital data entry screen with speed buttons for one touch completion:


Department map for rapid visual assessment of the ED and availability of empty beds:

Emulates HAS EDIS but adds a number of enhancements:

  • ability to view patient name or treating nurse or treating doctor
  • don't have to wait for the hand icon to display before dragging patient to another location or dropping onto path results, etc
  • ability to see a list of patients who have been in that location in past 24hrs for infection contact tracing or lost valuables
  • ability to run the handover process solely from the department map - you can change treating doctor, type handover notes, place bed request and change admitting unit all from the tabs at the bottom of the map
  • more information on what the patient is waiting for by passing mouse over the location to display a hint.


Powerful patient search functionality:

Enables search but not editing by a number of optional parameters, or you can display a department snapshot for a given time.

You can export data to Excel, and you can even randomly select x number for audits or research.

And of course, you can view there clinical screen data as for current patients.


Bed request data entry:


Hospital roster and paging functionality:


Clinical calculator - cardiac arrest:


Clinical calculator - asthma:


Perfromance dashboard - ED performance for patients arriving since midnight plus ED occupancy by hour:


Performance dashboard - Rapid charting of last month's data:


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