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massage guns


  • percussion massage muscle guns are commonly used by professional athletes and nonathletes worldwide for warm-up and physical recovery as well as by the general community to help with low back pain and other muscle pains
  • massage guns work by repeatedly applying rhythmic oscillation bursts of pressure to muscle tissue in a rapid jackhammer motion, to deliver percussive or vibration therapy
  • they work partly by increasing blood flows and by overriding the sensation of pain within a sore muscle (similar concept to TENS machines) and may help relax sore muscles by stimulating the GTO (Golgi Tendon Organ), a structure within a muscle that inhibits contraction.

Therapeutic use and benefits

  • brief 5 minute single use can acutely increase range of motion
  • in a clinical setting can provide an easy to use method of myofascial release that can be self-administered or can be administered by another individual
  • can be useful in a rehabilitation setting due to their ability to reduce perceived pain and release tight or restricted fascia whilst simultaneously increasing range of motion
  • appears to help lactic acid recovery and help prevent extent of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)1)

Complications of use

  • may cause bruising especially in those who bruise easily or used over bony prominences
  • rhabdomyolysis2) from prolonged use
  • potential neuropraxis if used excessively over nerves
  • theoretical potential vascular complications especially if used over arteries with severe atherosclerosis
  • potential to increase inflammation in inflamed tissues

Relative contraindications

  • obviously should not be used over fractured bones
  • areas near severe atherosclerosis
  • areas where nerves are at risk
  • inflammation
  • face
  • neck (unless used with great care at low intensity)
  • pregnancy
  • children
  • elderly
  • DVTs (theoretical risk of dislodging an embolus)
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