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Meckel's diverticulum


  • congenital true diverticulum anomaly of the bowel due to remnant of the embryonic vitelline duct
  • may contain gastric mucosa
  • 4-25% develop complications with surgical lifetime risk of ~6%, mostly in the 1st 2 yrs of life
  • classic quoted data:
    • rule of 2s
      • 2% of the population have the anomaly (studies suggest 0.2-4.5% of cadavers)
      • approximately 2 inches in length (avg is actually 3cm, 90% within 1-10cm, longest being 100cm!)
      • usually found within 2 feet of the ileocecal valve (avg is 34cm for those under 2yrs, 46cm for 3-21yr olds and 67cm for adults)
      • often found in children under 2 years of age
      • affects males twice as often as females (actually incidence is same in both sexes but rate of complications is 3x higher in males)

complications in children

  • GIT haemorrhage 20% of complications ⇒ bright PR bleeding
  • small bowel obstruction 20-25% of complications
    • when incarcerated in an inguinal hernia, it is called Littré hernia
  • diverticulitis 10-20% of complications
  • umbilical fistulae, sinuses, etc 10% of complications
  • neoplasia in 4-5% of complications

complications in adults

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