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adverse effects and C/I


  • rapidly absorbed from GIT
  • rapidly and extensively redistributed to extravascular tissues
  • 90% excreted in urine with 72hrs as metabolites
  • elimination half life 3-5 hours
  • duration of action is dose-dependent:
    • effects of 20mg iv dose falls to half by ~6hrs in healthy adullts



  • tablets are usually 50mg or 100mg
  • usual dose 100mg per day as either single dose or two divided doses (can increase to 150-200mg daily for severe hypertension)
    • initial dosing is often 50mg bd
    • some increase to 50mg tds for angina or migraine prophylaxis

iv dose

  • usually used iv for emergent Rx of tachyarrythmias including C-AF
  • should be used with BP and cardiac monitoring
  • initial iv dose is usually 5mg given over at least 1-2 minutes
  • dose can be repeated as needed if no adverse effects, to max. 15-20mg
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