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dislocated patella


  • dislocated patella is a very common ED presentation in the adolescent and young adult in particular.
  • classically they present by ambulance with it still dislocated and holding a Penthrane analgiser stick.


  • diagnosis is clinical and is usually very obvious that the patella is dislocated
  • most patients can be rapidly managed by simple closed reduction even whilst on ambulance trolley while they breathe on the Penthrane
  • reduction is achieved by pushing medially on the lateral aspect of the patella with your thumbs while an assistant extends the knee

post-reduction Mx

  • Xray with patella sky-line views should be done to exclude osteochondral avulsion fragments which can be large and may require operative Mx if present.
  • patients with no significant fracture are usually discharged home with Zimmer splint, crutches and analgesics and advised to have physiotherapy follow up to reduce the risk of subsequent dislocations.
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