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Western Health cardiology services

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  • NB. All ECG's performed in ED MUST be shown to a senior doctor ASAP who will assess it, advise management and sign the ECG. This is to ensure timely management of ECG abnormalities such as AMI, hyperkalaemia and arrythmias is undertaken.
  • click here for new Western Health STEMI angioplasty/thrombolysis process and fax number to send ECG's to cardiology reg is 90052770


  • as of Feb 2015 there are CCU and elective cardiology services at Sunshine Hospital and at Footscray Hospital
  • as of May 2015, emergency angioplasties will be primarily be performed at Sunshine Hospital's cath lab

cardio-geriatric unit

  • as of Feb 2014, all patients presenting with primary Dx of CCF according to the ED doctor and who are over age 65 yrs should be admitted to Western Hospital under the new cardio-geriatric unit.
  • referral to be made to cardiology registrar and admissions to be completed by cardiology
  • exclusions:
    • Hb < 80
    • advanced renal failure on haemodialysis or eGFR<15
    • severe Pneumonia on CXR as primary diagnosis
    • cirrhosis of the liver [CHILD class C]
    • asthma/COPD/retention (type 2 respiratory failure)
    • advanced dementia
    • advanced malignancy

private cardiology rooms

  • All patients require a referral letter with the patient’s bradma sticker and a provider number.
  • Only pensioners are bulk billed.
  • Consultants:
    • Prof Y. Lim
    • Dr Robert Newman, 8 Stanlake St, Footscray tel: 93173466
    • Dr Tony Walton, 8 Stanlake St, Footscray tel: 93173466.
    • Dr Swee Seow, 8 Stanlake St, Footscray tel: 93173466
    • Dr William Chan, 8 Stanlake St, Footscray tel: 93173466
    • Dr Deepak Haikerwal, St Albans tel: 9356 0234 mobile: 0414 804 892
    • Dr Joe Morton - happy to F/U pts with AF, SVT, etc in OP or his rooms (2005)
  • Rooms:
    • Epworth Consulting Suite, Level 6, 89 Bridge Road, Richmond. Ph: 94299787 Fax: 94295563
  • Outpatients:
    • Western Hospital Arrhythmia Clinic; Ph: 83456466

cardiac diagnostic units

  • inpatient adult echo referrals:
    • do not fax any referrals
    • M-F 0830-1700hrs: contact cardiology echo registrar 0466 015 299
    • urgent out of hours: contact cardiology registrar on call
  • patients may be referred for private outpatient cardiology consultations or diagnostic investigations including:
    • ECG
    • stress testing
    • echocardiography
    • holter monitoring


  • consultants:
    • Dr Deepak Haikerwal, Dr R. Newman, Dr W. Chan, Dr P. Prakash
  • see referral pads in ED
  • HeartWest St Albans (used to be on Furlong Rd opposite Sunshine Hospital)
    • 73 Alfrieda St, St Albans
    • telephone: 9356 0234 9am-5pm; fax: 9356 9799
  • HeartWest Williamstown
    • telephone: 93970134
  • HeartWest Hoppers Crossing
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