Western Health Enhanced Crisis Assessment Treatment Team (ECATT)


  • mental health services in Melbourne are provided by agencies based on patient age and place of usual residence:
    • age < 15 years:
      • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) based at Royal Children's Hospital
    • youths and young adults:
      • Orygen
        • 15-24 year olds
    • adults:
      • various Area Mental Health programs, for example:
        • Mid West Area Mental Health Service based at Sunshine Hospital
          • includes Keilor, Sunshine, Tullamarine and west to Melton and Sunbury
        • South West Area Mental Health Service based at Werribee Hospital
          • includes Maribyrnong, Williamstown, Tottenham, and down to Werribee
        • North West Mental Health Service based at Northern Hospital
    • elderly:
      • Aged Psychiatric Assessment & Treatment Team (APATT)
  • Western Health emergency departments ECATT staff are associated with their allocated mental health service:
    • Western Hospital - South West Area Mental Health Service provided by Werribee Mercy Mental Health Program
      • Western Hospital is not a gazetted Mental Health facility and thus as of Dec 2004, does not accept patients recommended in the community, revoked CTO or AWOL because these patients have a right to MH care under the Act that cannot be provided here. 
      • Western Hospital ED will continue to assess and treat self-referred patients or those brought in under section 10.
      • an Involuntary Treatment Order (ITO) will not be filled out at Western but at the receiving inpatient Psych Unit. ECATT will fill an ITO only for those who are on section 9 (recommended) but are able to be treated at home. If the patient belongs to MWAMHS, then the ITO is filled by MWCATT.
      • irrespective of the above, there is a duty of care to the behaviourally disturbed patient, and using sedation, restraint or seclusion can be ethically and legally administered without an ITO for the safety of the patient or others.
    • Sunshine Hospital - Mid West Area Mental Health service (MWAMHS)
      • Sunshine Hospital IS a gazetted Mental Health facility

useful contact numbers

regional mental health services:

  • MidWest triage 1300 859 764
  • SouthWest triage 1300 657 259
  • NorthWest triage 1300 768 073
  • Northern Hospital triage 1300 650 295
  • NorthEast (Austin Hospital) triage 1300 859 789
  • St Vincent's Hospital triage 1300 558 862
  • Orygen 1800 888 320
    • based at Western Hospital and provides services to 15-24 yr olds

mother-baby units

  • Albert Road Clinic (private) ph 9256-8311
  • Werribee Mercy ph: 9216 8465

help lines

  • Parent Line ph: 13 22 89
  • Grief Line ph: 9596 7799
  • Direct Line ph: 1800 888 236
  • G Line ph: 1800 622 112
  • Domestic Violence ph: 1800 015 188 or 9373 0123
  • Men's Referral Service ph. 03 9428 2899 or 1800 065 973
    • for men concerned about their anger or violence towards their partner or family
  • Victorian Nurses Health Program (VNHP) ph: 03 9415 7551
    • free, confidential and independent services for nurses or students experiencing health issues related to substance use or mental health problems
    • subsidised, fee for service relationship counselling service based on total family income & ability to pay
    • Sunshine branch: 1 Clarke St, ph: 9364 9033

resources available only within Western Health intranet

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