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gastroenterology at Western Health

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  • do NOT refer patients to Western Health gastroscopy services from ED
  • If a patient is unwell or unstable, the patient should be referred for admission and receive an inpatient scope.
  • If a patient is stable and the scope is not urgent, the patient should be referred back to their GP, who could then refer the patient for scope as an outpatient, either publically (through the RAGE – Rapid Access Gastrointestinal Endoscopy process) or privately. The RAGE information can be found on the intranet and provided in the discharge letter to the GP - see
  • For patients who you feel do not fit into this category and for whom outpatient referral is thought necessary, please
    • Discuss with the ED consultant, including after night shift, to confirm
    • Then discuss with the Gastro registrar for advice regarding appropriateness for scope +/- clinic or GP referral.
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