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Western Health oncology / cancer services

oncology patients at Sunshine Hospital

mechanisms by which oncology patients may come to Sunshine ED

  • self-referral
  • ambulance presentations (although these should go to Western Hospital as there are no inpatient oncology facilities at Sunshine Hospital)
  • referral by the Oncology Symptom Urgent Review Clinic (SURC) phone triage nurse
  • Code Blue calls or MET calls at Sunshine Hospital Radiotherapy Centre (SHRTC) or SURC

Mx of oncology patients in Sunshine ED

  • patients should be discussed with their parent oncology unit if possible (either Peter Mac or Western Hospital)
  • patients warranting admission:
    • new presentation or existing Western Health oncology patient:
      • preferably admit under WH oncology unit
    • existing Peter Mac patient:
      • preferably transfer to Peter Mac if they have a bed
      • if no bed available at Peter Mac, then either:
        • consider temporary admission to ED observation unit if a bed is likely to be available at Peter Mac in the near future and the patient is well enough to stay at Sunshine EOU
        • otherwise transfer to Western Hospital under oncology after discussion with WH oncology team.
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