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ophthalmology services for Western Health


  • there is an on call ophthalmology registrar available for consultation 24×7
  • there is no outpatient clinic within Western Health for ophthalmology

Outpatient follow up

  • Western Eye Clinic:
    • Private clinic at Suite 210, Level 2, 1 Thomas Holmes Rd, Maribyrnong
    • All patients require a referral letter with the patient’s bradma sticker and a provider number, and the patient will be billed
    • ph: 9317 8930 fax: 9912 2306


  • Dr Thanh Nguyen
    • 204 Furlong Rd, St Albans ph: 9975 8767 fax 9382 6037
    • Fridays only
  • Public patients requiring ophthalmology who do not wish to be billed can be referred to either:
    • Royal Victorian Eye & Ear Hospital
    • Royal Melbourne Hospital
    • Royal Children’s Hospital for paediatric referrals.

Sunshine ED equipment and processes

  • the “Eye Room” in cubicle 26 contains:
    • slit lamp
    • Panoptic ophthalmoscope is in a metal basket in the bottom cupboard
    • visual acuity chart is outside this room in the corridor
  • eye drops are in the main medication room refrigerator
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