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Western Health policies and procedures

WH dedicated resources on this wiki

WH resources on WHTEST

Official Western Health policies and procedures

  • this intranet is only available within Western Health

definitions used

  • Policy defines an organisation's position in relation to any issue pertaining to its business. The organisation's mission, philosophy and objectives underpin policies. They explain the purpose of procedures.
  • They are only created by the Executive Team.
  • A procedure specifies how things are to be completed. Procedures should include what should be done, when and by whom and outlines the steps that must be followed in order to achieve a particular outcome and/or comply with a particular policy.
  • procedure submission form
  • procedure template
the following are all pdf format and are ONLY available within the Western Health intranet network which should be consulted if the relevant document is not found below.

please notify Gary Ayton of any dead links

emergency plan

infection control

medication administration

hospital in the home


clinical practice guidelines

neonates and children


renal medicine

other clinical practice guidelines

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