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 +====== renal artery aneurysm ======
 +see also:
 +  *[[splenicA_aneurysm]]
 +  *[[abdopain_LUQ]]
 +  *[[abdopain_RUQ]]
 +    * these are rare (0.1% of the population in autopsy studies), usually present in hypovolaemic shock with abdominal pain, but may also have haematuria or urinary obstruction
 +    *rupture occurs in 3-5% with these aneurysms and has a 10% mortality, thus rupture prevalence and mortality rates are much lower than with splenic artery aneurysms
 +    *mainly in those over 60yrs, 90% have hypertension
 +    *most younger patients are women and two-thirds have fibromuscular dysplasia (([[|Dec 2020: Optimal surveillance and treatment of renal and splenic artery aneurysms]]))
 +=====indications for intervention for non-ruptured renal artery aneurysm:=====
 +      * size > 2cm
 +      * symptoms
 +      * refractory hypertension with significant renal artery stenosis or thromboembolism
 +      * women in childbearing age
 +=====usual specialty referral=====
 +  *younger patients under 60yrs with presumed fibromuscular dysplasia => nephrology
 +  *PH trauma induced aneurysm or calcified atherosclerotic lesions => urology
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