Sedation Assessment Tool (SAT) for Mx of agitated patients in ED


  • the SAT is a simplified version of the altered mental state score (AMSS) tailored for rapid and easy assessment of the degree of agitation or sedation in the agitated patient being managed in the ED using sedatives, hypnotics and anxiolytics
  • it was evaluated against the AMSS and shown to have a good correlation but more simple, rapid and useful for ED staff, it took ~10secs to do and interrater reliability was high (kappa 0.88) over all 7 categories 1)

SAT scoring system

score Responsiveness Speech
+3 combative, violent, out of control continual loud outbursts
+2 very anxious and agitated loud outbursts
+1 anxious/restless normal / talkative
0 awake and calm/cooperative normal
-1 asleep but rouses if name called slurring or prominent slowing
-2 responds to physical stimulation few recognisable words
-3 no response to stimulation nil
Calver et al. EMA (2011) 23, 732-740
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