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skin abscesses

admission disposition

  • usually the operating unit if post-op
  • usually plastics if:
    • superficial head or neck, hands, below knee
    • in some hospitals, even gluteal and other superficial body regions may fall under plastics
  • usually obs/gynae if:
    • labial
    • breast and lactating
  • usually multidisplinary diabetic foot team if:
    • diabetic and involving foot (below the tips of the malleoli)
  • usually ortho if:
    • post-ortho surgery, or underlying osteomyelitis or septic arthritis
  • usually faciomax if:
    • dental abscess
  • usually ENT if:
    • tonsillar (quinsy)
    • deep neck
  • usually urology if:
    • renal
    • scrotal
  • otherwise it is usually general surgery
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