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Help for Authors

Only authorised users are permitted to update or create Wiki pages.

If you wish to become an author

  • first register yourself as a user on the wiki by clicking on the Login button at top left then click on Register
  • please contact the webmaster via email Gary.Ayton at so he can grant you author status as default registered users can still only just have read access until they are approved to be authors - ie. you must give evidence that you are an ACEM fellow or advanced trainee.

Creating a wiki page

Authorised users create new pages by editing a page they want to link from then create an Internal Link with the desired page title within the brackets. Then save that page and click on the newly created internal link. The uncreated page will be displayed and the user can then create the page, edit it and save it. Please try to be logical in the linking of your pages and their naming - ie. if you want to write about Streptococci, go to Pathology index then find Microbiology page to edit and link from there.

Basic syntax


  • to create the main header for the page, use the H2 button or manually type 5 equal signs either side of your page title text
    • eg. =====page title=====
  • do the same thing for each section heading but use H3 or type 4 equal signs not 5 - these headings will also appear as shortcuts at top left of the page.
  • for less important headings, use H4 (===header h4===) or H5 (==header h5==)

indented bullets

  • just start the line with two spaces and an asterix ( *indented bullet text)
  • to indent further just add two further spaces before the asterix for each indent
  • simply enclose the name of the page to link to between a pair of double square brackets (eg. [[page_name]])
  • if you want to override the default page title that will be displayed, use [[page_name|your preferred descriptor text]] where the | is the pipe character on the keyboard which is two vertical lines above each other.
  • a further complication arises is when the page you wish to link to is in another section of the wiki, in which case you need to use colon prefixed directions eg. [[:it:software]]
  • as for linking to a wiki page but instead of using the page name, you use the full URL
  • eg. [[|Google]] gives Google

embedding an image stored in the wiki

  • as for linking to a wiki page but use curly brackets eg. {{hsv_tongue.jpg}}

embedding an external image

  • as for linking an external web page but use curly brackets
  • eg. {{}}

more Dokuwiki syntax

Extra syntax features that have been added include:

Wrap plugin:

  • allows a wide range of effects but some may not look good in older browsers such as IE6
  • this does not seem to be working as yet
  • more information here
  • examples:

indented text

  • tips: <WRAP tip>this is a tip</WRAP>

this is a tip

Note plugin:

  • in addition, to simple <note>this is a note</note>, you can use the note keywords: important, warning and tip.
  • this allows syntax such as <note warning>Don't forget to check the contraindications!</note>
  • which will display as:
Don't forget to check the contraindications!

folded text

  • you can simplify the appearance of a page by hiding details in a folded text code so the use can view the details by clicking on the title for it
  • inline folding:
    • syntax: ++title |your detailed notes++
    • example:
      • DIC
  • block folding:
    • syntax: ++++title | your detailed notes including tables if needed++++
    • example:


panoramic zoom view of large images

YouTube videos plugin:

  • you can embed a YouTube video via this syntax:
    • {{youtube>large:(YouTube ID code)|(your description)}}
    • eg. {{youtube>large:5jdvwQLoC58|US guided iv line insertion}}
    • which will display as:

US guided iv line insertion

Powerpoint presentations

  • you can upload your Powerpoint presentations to then embed the supplied code which links to your slideshow between <html> and </html> syntax codes.
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