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benzodiazepine antagonists

Adverse effects of benzodiazepine antagonists

  • may ppt withdrawal seizures → titrate dose & Rx 5mg IV midaz/diazepam;
  • may remove protective anticonvulsant effect of benzodiazepines in multiple OD;
  • re-sedation from overdose as duration of action is only 45-105min.
    • potential problem if patient discharges at own risk!!!
  • thus, in general, these are NOT used in the Mx of polypharmacy overdose, or in patients who may be dependent on benzodiazepines.
  • main use is to reverse acute excessive respiratory depressant effects of iatrogenic benzodiazepine excess.


  • IV competitive antagonist;
  • onset 30-60sec; T½=50min?; Clearance = 1L/min (all hepatic);
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