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benzyl penicillin

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  • benzyl penicillin is a narrow spectrum penicillin with activity against:

preparation and administraion

iv use

  • mix 600 mg vial with 1.6 mL water for injection to give 300 mg/mL (ie 600 mg/2 mL) or mix 1.2 g vial with 3.2 mL water for injection to give 300 mg/mL (ie 1.2 g/4 mL).
  • max. rate 300mg/min


usual dose

  • usual adult dose 30mg/kg up to 1.2g iv 6hrly

meningitis dose

  • as an adjunct to ceftriaxone primarily to provide additional cover for Listeria in those at risk
  • meningitis dose: 60mg/kg to max 2.4g iv 4hrly

meningococcal septicaemia

pre-hospital dose iv or im

  • child < 1 year: 300mg
  • child 1-9 years: 600mg
  • adult or child 10 years or more: 1.2g

hospital iv dose

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