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rupture of biceps tendon


  • there are 3 tendons of the biceps muscle:
    • 2 proximal:
      • long head
      • short head (rarely ruptured)
    • 1 distal
  • tendon rupture usually occurs during a specific traumatic event that causes sudden pain, a “pop” and subsequent bruising

Mx in ED

  • diagnosis is often clinical but may require diagnostic ultrasound as they can be difficult to distinguish from rotator cuff pathology
  • initial resting of muscles with a sling
  • non-emergent referral to orthopaedics for consideration of operative repair, particularly if:
    • rupture involves the distal tendon as this results in significant loss of power, and supination and warrants early referral
    • younger more active age groups
    • suspected superior labral tear (SLAP lesions) associated with insertion of the long head - arm often feels “dead”
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