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carbapenem antibiotics

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  • broad spectrum against many Gram +ves, -ves & anaerobes
  • reserved for ICU use


  • a derivative of thienamycin;
  • It is a potent broad spectrum antibiotic used for severe intra-abdominal sepsis or serious infections with Enterobacteriaceae which produce inducible b-lactamase;
  • Suitable for most penicilin-sensitive pts;
  • It has a high degree of stability in presence of b-lactamases;
  • It is inactivated by dihydropeptidases in the renal tubules → low urinary concentrations → hence combined with cilastatin (a renal dipeptidase inhib.) for Rx of UTI
  • It has activity against enteric Gram -ve rods & Pseud.aer. comparable to aminoglycosides, & also has excellent activity against anaerobes incl. B.fragilis & many Gram +ves.
  • It is given with aminoglycosides to reduce risk of Pseudomonas resistance emerging.
  • It does not reliably cover MRSA nor is it active against some strains of Pseudomonas.
  • Expensive, restricted use.


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