travel to conferences in Argentina - ICEM 2020


  • ICEM 2020 will be held in Buenos Aires 15-18th June 2020

Travel from Australia

  • from Melbourne
    • flight from Melbourne to Santiago, Chile:
      • usually just under 13hrs there and 14.5hrs back
        • direct flights to Santiago Wed, Fri, Sun, other days require departure from Sydney
        • direct flights from Santiago Tues, Thurs, Sat each departing around 1am
        • Qantas bookings use Latam
  • from Santiago to Buenos Aires
    • just under 2hr flights there and under 2.5hrs back
    • Latam airlines have a number of flights each day and there is really no need for business class tickets

Stop over in Santiago

  • founded in 1541 by the Spanish and lies in a 80x35km basin surrounded by mountains and this combined with thermal inversion layer, unplanned growth to over 5 million people and the smelter of the El Teniente copper mine has caused air pollution with smog settling on the city which has been problematic during winter months
  • in 2012, became the first capital city in Latin America to treat all of its municipal sewage
  • In 2010 Chile was struck by the sixth largest earthquake ever recorded, reaching 8.8 on the moment magnitude scale. 525 people died, of whom 13 were in Santiago.
  • the easternmost neighbourhoods of the city lies in a zone prone to landslides.
  • climate in June:
    • highest humidity, least sunshine hours and wettest month of the year with almost 70mm rainfall, falling on average 7 days per month
    • average temps: 3.5deg minimums and 15degC maximums

Buenos Aires

  • permanently settled by the Spanish in 1580
  • climate in June:
    • highest humidity, least sunshine hours and driest month of the year with almost 60mm rainfall, falling on average 7 days per month (summer months have twice this rainfall due to intense storms and the city is vulnerable to flooding)
    • average temps: 8deg minimums and 16degC maximums makes it similar to winter in Melbourne although wetter
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