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dental caries

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  • dental decay has been linked to duration of exposure to sweet and acid foods such as:
    • sweetened drinks including fruit juice, cordial, Milo, Quik, Ribena, sports drinks, soft drinks (including sugar-free)
    • sweet foods including dried fruit, fruit fingers, honey, jam, Nutella or muesli bars
    • jelly snakes, Chuppa chups or Minties are especially bad for teeth as they stay in the mouth a long time and are sticky.
  • plaque bacteria in the mouth change sweet food into acid, which causes tooth decay by eroding tooth enamel
  • the body is unable to repair eroded tooth enamel

Prevention of tooth decay

  • avoid sweet or acid foods or drinks, particularly between meals or at bedtime (apples at bed time is NOT good!)
  • when children eat fruit between meals, it is advisable that they follow up with a small square of cheese or a drink of milk or water, as this washes out the acidity from the mouth.
    • children should eat 3 pieces of fruit and 5 vegetables each day as well as a high intake of grains and protein, and 3 serves of dairy products for a healthy diet.
  • tooth-friendly snacks include rice cakes, dry biscuits, popcorn, nuts, cheese slices, peanut butter, vegemite, butter, cut up vegetables with dips such as tzatziki or hummus.
  • rather than having lollies in the house, buy a treat for your child once a week, and have it at the end of a meal followed by water.
  • do grocery shopping without children and consider savoury or vegetable treats - crunchy - not sweet.
  • at parties, children should eat all lollies at once, and if unable to brush immediately, chew a sugar-free gum for 10 minutes which will stimulate saliva flow that washes out the mouth (don't forget to add the sugar-free gum to the lolly bags).
  • before going to bed, children should clean their teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste (a pea-sized ball of low flouride toothpaste for children under 7 years of age), and then have nothing to eat or drink other than water.
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