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features of normal labour:

1st stage:

  • typically lasts 10hr in nulliparous & 8hrs in multiparous
  • time of onset till complete Cx dilatation (10cm)
  • latent phase:
    • 4-20hrs
  • accelerated Cx dilatation phase:
    • av. rate of Cx dilatation is 3cm/hr in nulliparous & 5-6cm/hr in multiparous

2nd stage:

  • from full dilatation to delivery
  • typically lasts 35min in nulliparous & 10min in multiparous
  • fetal head descends 3-6cm/h but abnormal if < 1cm/h in nulliparous & < 2cm/h in multiparous
  • only 21% of primigravid women in Australia will have a medically uncomplicated birth1)
  • only 8% of primigravid who aim to have a NVD in Australia will manage to avoid having sutures to repair episiotomy wound or tears
  • home births in Australia even for “low risk women” appear to be associated with a 20x increase in perinatal mortality compared with all risk hospital births2)

3rd stage:

  • time of delivery to delivery of placenta
  • av. time is 5min but not considered abnormally long unless > 30min
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