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Geriatric depression scale

General points

  • Score 1 point for each positive response
  • A score of 3 or more may be indicative of a depressive disorder and a more detailed assessment is required

Geriatric depression scale questions

  • Do you worry ? Have you been worried in the past month?
  • Have you been sad or depressed in the past month?
  • During the past month have you ever felt that life was not worth living?
  • How do you feel about your future? What are your hopes for the future? (?Pessimistic)
  • During the past month have you ever felt that you would be better off dead?
  • Do you enjoy things as much as you used to; say like a year ago?
  • Is it because you are depressed or nervous that you don’t enjoy things?
  • In general how happy are you?
    • Read out: “Are you – very happy, fairly happy, Not very happy or not happy at all”
    • Score 1 for “Not very happy” or “Not happy at all”
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