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see also gynaecology


  • Polypeptide similar to insulin, controlled by 2 gene sites, mainly produced by corpus luteum of pregnancy, but also by chorion & decidua.
  • Levels rise early in 1st TM & stay high until mid-pregnancy & become very high during labour & become almost indetectable within 3 days post-partum;
  • Receptor sites identified:
    • pubic symphysis, myometrium, cervix, placenta, breast tissues; skin;


Softens connective tissue:

  • increased water content of ground substance?
  • activation of collagenolytic system?
  • activation of fibroplasts?

other actions

  • Aids implantation;
  • Aids cervical ripening prior to labour;
  • Augments the breast changes of pregnancy;
  • Improves sperm motility;
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