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Mx of high TSH

diagnosis of hypothyroidism

  • persistently high TSH with low free T4 suggest primary hypothyroidism
    • free T3 levels don't add much
  • persistently high TSH (usually to 5-10IU/L) with normal free T4 suggest subclinical primary hypothyroidism and typical symptoms may be absent.
  • low free T4 without elevated TSH levels suggest secondary hypothyroidism due to pituitary disorders
  • low free T3 without elevated TSH levels has been called Low T3 syndrome
    • usually also have higher levels of a hormone known as reverse T3
    • appears to be present in less than 20% of CFS and it might play a role in worsening conditions like kidney disease or serious infections
  • if cause is not obvious then:
    • high titres of antithyroid antibodies (thyroid peroxidase, antimicrosomal, or antithyroglobulin) indicate an autoimmune cause
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