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anabolic steroids


  • synthetic steroids with high anabolic effect : androgen effect ratio (testosterone is 1:1)
  • most are 17-alkyl-substituted steroids & thus risk hepatic dysfunction


  • ethylestrenol (4-8:1)
  • oxandrolone (3-13:1)
  • nandrolone phenpropionate (3-6:1)
  • nandrolone decanoate (2.5-4:1)
  • stanozolol (3-6:1)

athletes & anabolic abuse:

  • many athletes & their coaches believe that use of anabolic steroids at doses 10-200 x normal increases strength & aggressiveness
  • although such effects have been demonstrated in women, it is not clear cut in men
  • adverse effects of such doses makes use very undesirable:
    • prostatic hyperplasia, risk of prostate cancer
    • sodium retention
    • hepatic dysfunction, risk of hepatocellular carcinoma
    • masculinisation of women incl. all effects as above in androgenisation + masculinisation of their fetus if pregnant
    • children (esp. females) may develop CNS maturation abnormalities
  • clenbuterol, a beta blocker with fat burning effects,approved only for vet. medicine is increasingly being abused
    • one case of cardiac arrest thus far has been attributed to excessive use
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