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reducing language barriers in clinical care

smartphone real time language translation

Word Lens

  • uses the camera to detect written words then translates them
  • does not need the internet
  • requires in-app purchases for language modules including Russian, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish
  • iOS iPhone and Android apps

Speak and Translate

  • speak into your mobile device and the system will automatically record, convert, and play your conversations into one of 100 languages.
  • $US4 for the pro version


  • translates your speech into one of 42 different languages and searches and returns definitions and translations of common phrases
  • also offers an integrated device connection scheme dubbed AirTranslate allowing pairing of phones so you don't need to hand your phone to the other person
  • $US2

Skype translator

  • coming soon and should provide real time video translation

Google Translate

  • only for Android but this app does not need the internet connection

Bing translator

  • for Windows phone
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