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metaraminol (Aramine)


  • a vasopressor which can be used as iv bolus peripherally for short term Mx of hypotension
  • it is particularly useful at induction of anaesthesia to counteract the hypotensive effects of most induction agents in at risk patients where iv fluid bolus is not sufficient.
  • mechanism of action:
  • duration of action ~20 min following iv bolus
  • avoid in cardiogenic shock or decompensated mitral regurgitation where increased LV afterload may be harmful.
  • marketed as Aramine

adverse reactions

iv bolus doses for acute Mx of hypotension not due to volume loss

  • usual bolus dose 0.5-1mg repeated as necessary with care
  • DO NOT give 1 ampoule as bolus - 1 ampoule contains 10mg!!
  • dilute 1 ampoule to 10ml to allow more precise titrated doses.
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