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magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

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Australian Medicare rebated referrals

  • initially Medicare would only cover MRI referred by specialists
  • GPs CAN refer for MRI in those over age 16yrs for a very restricted range of cases:
    • MRI brain - unexplained seizures or unexplained chronic headache with suspected intracranial pathology
    • MRI Cx spine - cervical radiculopathy or cervical spine trauma
    • MRI knee if aged under 50yrs and no more than 3 per year - acute knee injury with inability to extend knee and suspected meniscal injury, or suspected ACL injury
  • in Nov 2012, Medicare rebates for MRI were expanded to include MRI scans referred by GP's for children ages < 16yrs
    • in Nov 2013, some of these were to be expanded to all adults


  • see MRI form for list
  • NB. patients with coronary stents may not be suitable for lower powered MRI units such as the one at Sunshine Hospital, these patients may need to be transferred to Footscray or Peter MacCallum (if oncology and known to PMC).
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