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Sodium bicarbonate

IV sodium bicarbonate

  • 8.4% sodium bicarbonate:
    • 8.4g per 100ml = 100mmol of sodium and 100mmol of bicarbonate per 100ml = 1mEq/ml
  • usual iv bolus dose:
    • 1mmol/kg = 1ml/kg

Clinical usage of iv sodium bicarbonate

Reversal of severe metabolic acidosis in cardiac arrest

Urinary alkalinisation in salicylate poisoning

Alkalinisation in Mx of tricyclic antidepressant overdose

Urinary alkalinisation in Mx of rhabdomyolysis

  • if rhabdomyolysis is due to amphetamine toxicity then be aware that alkalinisation may prolong half-life of amphetamines.
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