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  • a form of pneumonia from contact with sick birds (eg. diarrhoea, not eating, ruffled feathers, watery eyes) infected by Chlamydia psittaci - usually by inhaled dried bird droppings or from kissing bird beaks or handling feathers
  • Psittacosis numbers can fluctuate seasonally, with environmental factors such as drought, floods and bushfires or anything affecting availability of food and causing stress in birds and their environment.
    • increased infections in Victorian Alpine region in Spring 2020
  • person-to-person spread is extremely rare


  • avoid close contact with wild birds if possible
  • use a catcher and wear a dust mask when mowing lawns
  • wash hands after tending pets or wild birds
  • seek medical attention if pet or caged birds develop signs of a respiratory illness

Clinical features


  • CXR
  • serology


  • it is a notifiable disease
  • doxycycline is the usual antibiotic of choice
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