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Rural and remote medicine

Australian Antarctic Division

  • employ doctors for 3 or 9 month positions depending on whether just 3 month Summer or a 9 month Winter stint.
  • opportunities also to be stationed at Macquarie Island - no icebergs but lots of penguins and isolation.
  • need to have had appendicectomy prior to travel
  • they will usually provide you with a brief dental course but you will be expected to have reasonable anaesthetic, resuscitation, minor trauma procedural skills such as Bier's block reduction of fractured distal radius.

Cruise ship medicine

  • cruise ships are often looking for ship doctors which may be of interest to EM doctors as it also gives them a way of touring exotic destinations.
    • run polar expedition cruises usually from Ushuaia, Patagonia in southern Argentina using ice strengthened Russian-made research vessels carrying ~50 passengers, a Russian crew of ~32 and thus usual consultation load is about 1-2 per day.
    • no pay but no charge for yourself but you may not be able to bring your partner for free.
    • you need to have your own medical indemnity cover - perhaps via volunteer or Good Samaritan clauses.
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