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Western Health IRCU ward

admission process

  • Admission to IRCU should only occur after the Parent Unit obtains the approval of the Respiratory Physician on ward duty or Respiratory Registrar to establish if transfer to the IRCU is appropriate, prior to transfer. Once the patient is accepted, and a bed is available, the Parent Unit must call 2D staff to prepare equipment
  • The referring Parent Unit must clearly establish and document in the history the resuscitation plan and status of the patient.
  • The Respiratory unit will direct respiratory management
  • Non-respiratory co-morbidities will continue to be managed by the Parent Unit in consultation with the Respiratory Physician

Exclusion criteria

  • type 1 respiratory failure (unless clearly established not for ICU/intubation but for trial of NIV)
  • non-respiratory organ failure
  • cardiac or invasive monitoring is required
  • inability to cooperate, protect airway, or clear secretions
  • severely impaired consciousness
  • high aspiration risk
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