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LIF pain in the ED

read this first: abdominal pain in ED

Left iliac fossa pain:

differential diagnosis:

  • see as for RIF pain but not appendicitis
    • usually age > 50yrs
    • usually left sided pain, tenderness with altered bowel habits, tenesmus, low grade fever
  • epiploic appendagitis
    • clinically indistinguishable from diverticulitis or appendicitis depending on which side it is on and accounts for some 7% of cases thought to be diverticulitis
    • mainly chubby women 20-60yrs age
    • a self limiting disease, and thus correct identification on CT prevents unnecessary surgery
    • potential complications that have been reported include adhesions, local abscess formation, intussusception, intraperitoneal loose bodies, bowel obstruction, and peritonitis
    • perhaps 40% of those who do not have surgical excision, have recurrent episodes
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