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  • Dr Gary Ayton, MBBS, FACEM
  • Clinical Director Emergency Department, Western Health
  • more than 20 years experience working in emergency departments, and over 15 years experience with computer programming.
  • has a special interest in medical informatics and is the administrator and creator of this wiki and blog.
  • given the generally altruistic and philanthropic nature of most Australasian ED physicians, his intention is that this wiki remain a not-for-profit, freely available and independent resource, although he is aware that many to do not truly value that which they do not have to pay for.
  • email: gary at (change the at for @)
  • currently has contributed more than 90% of the content of the wiki.
  • conflicts of interests:
    • no sponsorship by any pharmaceutical, medical equipment, software or other companies
    • has not accepted financial or other enticements from such companies other than he has used their biros and has occasionally attended the ubiquitous sponsored Happy Hour networking sessions with colleagues at conferences.
    • he intends to keep this site independent of external influences
    • as some of the information on the wiki comes from “peer-reviewed” medical journals - unfortunately, as these have become increasingly “bought” by pharmaceutical companies, the validity of the published papers is becoming harder to fully assess. Much of the information in the wiki is thus preferentially based on current ED practice in Australia.
    • he does have his own version of an EDIS which may create some bias in software architecture
    • as for any employee of a public hospital, he has contractual restrictions on commentary relating to his employer.


  • If you wish to create blogs, wiki content or comment on blogs, you need to register (via the blog page - new users will need the webmaster's approval and you must be an ED professional but registration is otherwise free) and then you can log in. Currently, all parts of the blog and wiki can be viewed but not edited by anyone without logging in as my intention is to provide a readily accessible resource for when you need it instead of having to log in each time.
  • at this stage you NEED a SEPARATE LOGIN for the wiki and the blog as these are different software packages.
  • to register on the wiki, click on the LOGIN button at top left, then click on REGISTER, once you have been validated you will be granted author status. If this does not occur, email the editor-in-chief as above.
  • see also the web BLOG for OzEMedicine where you can also register and log in to browse posts and make comments on the blog.


Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the information is accurate and as up to date as can be achieved within our resources, users use this information with their own clinical judgment and take full responsibility for doing so. If you find something you have concerns with, please email the editor-in-chief.

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