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food poisoning


causes of food poisoning

organism incubation food source duration
food toxin mediated
Bacillus cereus 1-2hrs rice 12-24hrs
Staphylococcus aureus 2-6hrs meat, milk 6-24hrs - mainly vomiting
Clostridium botulinum 18-36hrs canned food weeks
ciguatera toxin 15min-24hrs reef fish neurologic symptoms as well as gastro
scombroid 10-30min spoiled fish anaphylactoid response due to ingestion of biogenic amines, especially histamine
cyanotoxins blue-green algae water
Salmonella 8-48hrs poultry, eggs, salads 1-7 days, often blood diarrhoea
Vibrio parahaemolyticus 12-48hrs crabs, shellfish 2-5 days
norovirus 12-48hrs shellfish, salads, direct spread 1-3 days
Clostridium perfringens 8-22hrs meat 12-48hrs mainly diarrhoea
enterohaemorrhagic E.coli 1-7 days meat 7-21 days
enterotoxigenic E.coli 3-5 days meat acute watery diarrhoea
Campylobacter 1-10 days poultry, milk, salads, water diarrhoea may be bloody, minimal if any vomiting
Shewannella haliotis 3-49 days raw fish, shellfish, most cases are in Asia in Summer may cause hepatobiliary infections, bacteraemia, appendicitis with abscesses in elderly, those with hepatibiliary disease or the immunocompromised
typhoid 5-21 days water, food handlers weeks initial green pea soup diarrhoea then ramping fevers
paratyphoid more abrupt onset, and milder than typhoid water, food handlers
shigella 1-3 days water, food handlers (also STI) dysentery type
cholera 1-5 days water, food handlers profuse watery diarrhoea
giardiasis 3-25 days water, salads 1 to several weeks
cryptosporidium 1-12 days water, salads 1-2wks if not immunocompromised; mainly diarrhoea
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