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Horner's syndrome

clinical features

  • classic triad of:
    • miosis (constricted pupil)
    • partial ptosis
    • loss of hemifacial sweating (anhidrosis)
  • ie. everything gets less or smaller


  • brainstem stroke (CVA)
    • lateral medullary syndrome (Wallenberg's):
      • caused by occlusion of vertebral or post inf cerebellar artery
      • ipsilateral:
        • facial numbness
        • limb ataxia
        • Horner's syndrome
        • pain over the eye
      • contralateral:
        • pin prick and temperature loss in arm and leg
      • vertigo, nausea, hiccups, hoarseness, difficulty swallowing & diplopia
  • carotid artery ischaemia
  • lesion apex of lung eg. Pancoast tumour
  • middle cranial fossa neoplasm
  • lesion of the primary neuron
  • lesion of the postganglionic neuron
  • trauma to the brachial plexus
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